How do I get Curry Galaxy Opal in MyTeam and is it worth getting it? Mar-01-2020

It's the Galaxy Opal 2K20 NBA season, and his latest season on MyTeam is Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry. In this year's game, we have reached the stage of life when we began to see that the most harmful cards are available.

Joe Curry matches this category. Adding a card to your group requires time or investment in gaming resources similar to that seen from other previously released groups.

To get a chance to catch GO Curry, you need to buy a package or box from the newly released Buzzer Beater range. Each package costs 7,500 virtual currencies (VC) or 10,500 MyTeam points (MT). 10 and 20-volume virtual boxes could not be accessed by MT with 67500 VC and 135 000 VC.

This set is also available between Pink Diamond by Chris Webber, Drazen Petrovich and Diamond Paul Pierce. In addition to relying on good luck, it will cost a big penny MT to take over the GO Curry in the auction market. When this article was published, the card should exceed 700,000 metric tons. Look at the group to see if there are valuable cards that you can save. Maybe you can sell and sharpen your way to get the latest MyTeam jewel.

Is it worth grinding or investing?

Kari's card has no real weaknesses, and as you would expect, her greatest strength is shooting. With 98 medium and 99 grades for three-point shooting - before a shoe or shoe shot - the Curry is on par with the GO Ray Allen card, which served as the exclusive shooter in mode.

Where GO Curry is separated from package (99), theft (98), peripheral defense (94), offensive and defensive bounce (70), speed (96) and force (75). Although the card may not be among all the point guards available in all of these categories, success over the point guard determines above average to excellent in each area.

If you also think GO Curry is 6'3 ", it has 56 badges, including 24 Hall of Fame badges, 8 HOF badges for industry, and four other defenses, including staples, no doubt that many of them on Triple Threat Online and MyTeam Unlimited.

If you are buying packages (need NBA 2K MT) then it is definitely worth trying to crash curry, and if you have some used diamonds, a few fires are not the worst idea.