How NBA 2K21 Can Use DraftKings to Improve MyTeam Apr-18-2020

MyTeam mode in NBA 2K20 carries the trademark of all brands currently in the game. Her team has constantly produced new content during this outstanding time influenced by COVID-19 in sports and sports.

Due to the increased light, the situation is subject to more scrutiny than usual. From irregular complaints about free Kobe Bryant cards, to some understandable questions about the overwhelming Galaxy Opal Shaquille O'Neal, the talk is plentiful.

I have been playing this mode continuously since the game was released again in September 2019. I collected more than 3,000 cards and played countless MyTeam Unlimited, Triple Threat Online, Offline and Challenges. The more you suffer from this addictive situation that is widespread and constantly expanding, the more you realize that it lacks a feature that will have an impact across the board.

MyTeam does not have many important problems. It's mostly fun, but the biggest thing missing is the balance. There must be something in place to prevent it from becoming a semi-embarrassing glutton experience - especially towards the middle of the launch cycle.

At this point, the situation has slipped into the Galaxy Opal competition with stacks of unrealistic cards competing everywhere. I'm the first to remind people, this is a thought situation, so you can't satisfy it with the expectations of real players of the past or present. When you download MyTeam(2K MT Store), you agree to reside in fictitious territory until you close the game or take a trip to one of NBA 2K20's simulation features.

It's a free place for everyone, which is why most MyTeam players spend their time in Unlimited. However, I assure you that there is another undeserved audience in the MyTeam community who loves to play the situation with some modulation restrictions that will create some balance.

I know that 2K wants to get rid of game-like references at all costs, and it's a matter of whether fictional sports should be considered wealthy, but it's hard not to recognize the similarities between something like DraftKings and group mode in sports video games.

Both require that you put together the most effective fantasy combinations. In DK, the results are based on real player performance. In sports video games you can control the creation of your own score. At DK you are not allowed to compose a lineup of James Harden, LeBron James, Giannis Antetokounmpo and Damian Lillard - some obvious Filler Stats every night in the NBA.

If you can, almost everyone will have the same groups in all their competitions. At DK, there is a salary framework that forces its players to manage their troops. A list of all the top performers doesn't fall under the salary cap, and if they do, you won't be able to fill the rest of your team.

You have three options when making a DK combination. You can make an expensive star that will eat most of your roof space. You can mainly target stable mid-price players who can produce massive performance based on the competition, or you can find a happy broker with one or two elite stars, and some mid-level players and diamonds in the ore. Or two.

MyTeam must set a maximum salary limit with these principles.

Imagine if you got payday points for each MyTeam lineup, and the cards had different values based on their total sum of features and marks. These values will generate an odd number calculated in your total payroll.

Maximum value must be raised throughout the game's release cycle to match the card problems at a higher level, but there is a formula installed in DK, and in Madden Maximum Pay.

For example, if the maximum pay at this time of year is 5000 points, a card like the Galaxy Opal Shaq can cost 1,000 SCP, which means it consumes 1/5 of the points you get for a squad.

Smaller Galaxy Opal like Tony Parker Rewards Card can get 750 SCP. The pink diamond range can be from 500-749, while diamonds can be 300-499, amethyst from 100-299, ruby from 75-100, sapphire from 50-74, emerald from 30-49, gold from 20-29, silver from 10-19, and bronze from 1-9.

This system will accomplish many things.

First, it will force users to create more varied combinations. Sometimes, especially recently, you generally see the same types of MTU entries in each game.

Second, maximum pay will help users at all levels of collectors compete against each other in a more equal field. This will make matchmaking easier.

Lastly, the salary-cap function would keep the value of lower-level cards throughout the life cycle of the mode. As it is, when we see a card like the recently released Diamond Ray Allen, or the Diamond Career-Highlights Chris Paul and Michael Jordan, and even the Pink Diamond Kobe, most experienced players dismiss them because we know there is no way for these cards to be used effectively in most MTU or Triple Threat Online games.

With a salary-cap option, these cards could fill a valuable spot on a team and be used regularly.

The existence of this feature wouldn’t make MTU obsolete, it would ideally offer another way to play the mode. At this point, it’s difficult to understand why it wouldn’t be implemented in the next version of the game.