MyTeam Unlimited has a huge problem with NBA 2K20 Mar-04-2020

Basically, MyTeam Unlimited is the best and most complete way to run NBA 2K20's MyTeam mode. However, one problem got worse as we progressed into the release cycle. To illustrate, the rewards do not match the routine or challenge required to reach the highest point of MTU. MTU's ultimate goal is to win 12 consecutive games against online opponents.

If you can do that, you'll win the exclusive Pink Diamond card, 8,000 NBA 2K MT and 20 tokens. The available card changes every month, and if you can collect it all, you will win the Galaxy Opal. Each time you lose a game, the maximum bonus decreases, because you can only play 12 games.

For example, if you finish 11-1, you'll get a bundle of cards from Prime Series I: Tim Duncan, 7000 MT, and 20 tokens. The price drops in proportion to each defeat until your third loss is lost. At that time, your record will be reset and you will get the prize you got. This sounds simple, but takes a lot of time. Going 12-0 is not an easy task.

Each game lasts about half an hour, which means that if you can play 12 games, you'll still have six hours to reach the goal. Going 12-0 is something for a select group of players, which is good, but something more useful should await those who complete that journey. The grand prize awarded deserves less when you delve into the experience.

For example, the Pink Diamond Clyde Drexler Card would have no place on my MTU or Triple Threat team right now, so I wasn't encouraged to go to the 12-0 record.

Since MTU games last longer than all other games in MyTeam, it's frustrating to use them for a mixture of competition and grinding. If the rewards are a little more attractive and may increase in value as the season progresses, this will provide more incentive to shoot at the top of the ladder.

Finally, it doesn't make sense to wait until you are disqualified for redeeming your prizes. If players receive their packs, MT, and / or codes after each win, then it will be encouraging to continue. As you look now, you get only one bundle of prizes, and that comes when you are eliminated or when you win 12 wins. Instead, there should be compensation after each win.

Many of the players I spoke to will reset their record immediately if they lose one match. When they do that, they leave the MTU experience without anything but the MT they gained in the last race. It is advised to use it poorly and not worth it, but this type of outlet can still leave a bad taste in the player's mouth. Ultimately, this is not the desired outcome for players, developers, and publishers.