NBA 2K highlights the quality of Giannis Antetokounmpo Jun-28-2020

Giannis Antetokounmpo is one of the biggest stars in the NBA today. Greek, he defended Filathlitikos, a team from his homeland at a young age, when he was taking his first steps on basketball courts. At Milwaukee Bucks, since 2013, when he was the 15th choice of that year's draft, the wing-pivot has done well in the NBA. Although not a league title, he was elected the MVP of the 2018-2019 season and has been attending the All-Star Game prominently as the leader and recruiter.


Once important in the North American basketball league, Giannis also has a meteoric rise in the gaming world, especially in the 2K Sports franchise. From the first to the second season, it jumped 14 points in its rating. Today, Greek is one of the best players available for those who enjoy virtual basketball. NBA 2K19 was special for the Greek, as it stamped the game's cover.

NBA 2K20

In NBA 2K20, the big standout Bucks is the best player on his team and one of the best players overall. Even with the rating fluctuation throughout the season, which takes into account the player's real performance, he never had less than 96 points. Before the season stopped due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus (COVID-19), its rating was 97.

In the game, Giannis stands out for the quality in offensive attributes such as Offensive Consistency (98), Offensive IQ (98), Buried (95) and Domain (95). These attributes are classed according to the player's skill, so having high numbers in Buried and Dominion, for example, make the athlete effective in plays in the opponent's bottle or prevent him from easily losing control of the ball, respectively.

Also featured in Giannis are his Defensive Consistency (90), Speed (90), Breath (98) and Defensive Rebound (94), showing that he is useful in both attack and defense.

NBA 2K has, in addition to skills, a form of classicization called Badge. These are special skills that some players in the game have to make their performance better with NBA 2K21 MT. The Greek has 45 of these badges, 13 of which are related especially to Defense and Rebound.