NBA 2K20-Changes in game features compared to 2K19 Mar-28-2020

If overall each version of NBA 2K is a success, the designers do not stop working and are constantly looking to improve the realism of the game. The website has published a long article explaining the different changes to the game for NBA 2K20.

In this article, 2K reveals that it has based its work on 4 aspects in particular of the game. According to them, "incredible work" has been provided all year round mainly on gameplay much more than on the functionality of menus and modes.

First main change: the notion of displacement has been improved. 2K wanted to reproduce as well as possible the gestures of the legs and arms during the races and the movements of the players. Also according to the official site, we will better feel the difference in speed and liveliness between an explosive leader and a rather slow pivot for example.

The 2K teams have spent a lot of time better analyzing the physical abilities of each player and this should therefore allow a better representation of reality during the matches. Sprinting at high speed will not be allowed for all players and endurance will be much more affected than before. Specialties would have been added on the speed of the transition game of Giannis Antetokounmpo and Russell Westbrook.

Second interesting modification: still related to the movements, the ball-handling has been improved. The players will be able to do more things ball in hand, obviously in relation to their usual moves in reality. Some things have been changed, especially with what is going on around the player who has the ball.

For example, if a leader finds himself with the ball in a mismatch facing a pivot, he will be able to do more things than in previous versions of the game, and speed and dribbling will take precedence over the size of the opposing player. . The creators wanted to add moves specific to certain players such as John Wall, De’Aaron Fox or DeMar DeRozan.

Third change: the game without ball has been improved. For fans of pure and hard defense, they can also have fun this year. A small arrow indicating where the player with the ball will go will be placed just below him, and this will allow the defender to better know where the attacker is about to go.

But beware, the arrow will not solve all of the defender's problems. This is mainly a question of reaction speed. If the defender is quick and responsive, he can follow the opposing player. On the other hand, if he is slow and tall, he will certainly already be too far away, even if he sees the arrow fairly quickly. This innovation is called "Read & React".

Finally, the last change is surely the least important of these 4. These are minimal changes to the game in the racket. Several lay-up techniques have been added as well as the possibility of changing your offensive movements at the last moment. For example, if you are about to trigger a move to go to the lay-up but the defender follows you well, there is a way to change during the action and finally favor a floater to avoid the counter.

We can also add a few bonus points such as Utah's defense this year on James Harden or Toronto's specific defensive schemes on Steph Curry, which will be reproduced in the game. In short, the designers of 2K seem to have gone to great lengths to further improve the game.  Now we are also looking forward to the arrival of NBA 2K21, and want to know what changes and improvements it has!

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