NBA 2K21: Fans can expect great visual improvements on PS5 and Xbox Series X Apr-02-2020

In case you're wondering, NBA 2K21 is still in development, despite closures that have occurred due to the effect of a coronavirus pandemic, and there is no news of delayed release so far.

If you need evidence, gaming executive producer Mike Wang recently confirmed that he was in "heavy development 2K21" earlier this month, which was two days after the NBA suspended its season after testing the Utah Jazz Rudy Goubert Center positive for COVID - 19.

It seems the 2K development team has not pulled out in this weird time despite Novato, California, where the developer studio is based, as all non-core companies had to close on March 17.

NBA 2K was released in September in recent years, and unless something changes or is otherwise announced, players should expect the latest game to hit stores around the same time this year.

It doesn't look like NBA 2K21 will be released on time for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, there's every reason to believe the game will be ready even when the holiday rolls around and we see PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. While not a perfect game, NBA 2K20 is one of the most impressive sports around.

The tech team did a great job bringing realistic NBA players to the game. The main image shows an in-game image of Michael Jordan and one of the late Kobe Bryant, which was not created by the 2K development team. It's actually a pretty style, introduced by Arteezy, and posted through Basketball's DNA on Facebook.

The level of detail in this mode is amazing, but remember that it still comes from NBA 2K20. Although it is a PC version and HD image, we are talking about a game that is now six months old.

PS5 and Xbox Series X will be much more powerful than PS4 and Xbox One. New consoles outperform visible edges above the current generation of systems with the best graphics they have on 8K TVs that will use HDMI 2.1 cables to improve performance.

Gamer's YouTube channel displays a number of specifications in a consumable manner, along with the expected cost of an advanced next-generation gaming system.

Based on the experience of those familiar with the specifications of the new consoles and the massive upgrade we've seen from the latest generation NBA 2K series to the current generation, it makes sense that franchisees would take another major graphic leap to make.

Watch this video from the popular 2K YouTuber DMan website. Compare the models of many of the PS3 and PS4 models.

Obviously, seeing some of the shows on the left in this year's game will make us cry loudly, but this shows that the improvement in visuals has been stable even in the current generation.

I was in San Francisco, California to attend the official NBA 2K14 unveiling in 2013, and I can tell you firsthand that the excitement really came after the audience of journalists and influencers watched the trailer below.

Years later, this trailer has arguably been the best 2K ever(NBA 2K21 MT Store).

However, since then, the publisher has taken his block within his community for a number of issues ranging from small transactions to faulty servers and misinformation.

However, if NBA 2K21 could produce an unforgettable reveal half of the last time the franchise was in this position, it would be popular on social media for all the right reasons.