NBA 2K21: Update On The Start Today Feature in MyNBA Jan-12-2021

A couple of years prior, NBA 2K presented a component inside their establishment modes that permitted clients to get any group's season from the flow date. It's called Start Today.  For instance, in the event that you were hoping to assume responsibility for the Chicago Bulls in MyNBA on November 14, you'll start your excursion with precisely the same record, injury circumstance and timetable as the genuine Bulls. 

It ended up being a famous component, however since the time the pandemic hit and disturbed the 2019-20 NBA season, Start Today hasn't been dynamic for evident reasons. Numerous clients were hoping to see it return with NBA 2K21, however sadly it appears to be the conditional idea of the genuine NBA season has made a few hindrances for 2K.  The Start Today choice actually appears on the MyNBA menu in the cutting edge rendition of NBA 2K21, and in the MyLeague menu for the current-gen games, yet you can't get to it.  I connected with an agent from 2K to get a thought of when or if the component will be accessible. It seems 2K might want to add it, yet can't focus on bringing it back this year. 

As per the 2K rep, on the grounds that the game was finished before the NBA settling the timetable for the ebb and flow season, there was no real way to have it prepared for dispatch since the whole component is associated with the genuine NBA record.  To the extent adding it as a post-discharge update, 2K can't submit, however it shows up they are investigating it. The rep stated: "It would be a significant exertion to retroactively uphold it on a live item with live saves what not." 

Honestly, due to all that occurred in 2020 and the remarkable idea of the Start Today include, I can pardon its nonattendance until NBA 2K22, and that is accepting nothing upsets the momentum and the following year's NBA season.  It very well may be more helpful for NBA 2K MT to keep on dealing with the experience of a few modes like MyNBA, MyTeam, PARK, Pro-Am and Rec instead of utilizing assets for only one bit of the establishment mode.