NBA 2K21: Why Galaxy Giannis Opal Free is not a bad idea in MyTeam May-15-2020

The final prize in NBA 2K20's MyTeam is the Galaxy Opal Giannis Antetokounmpo that can play all five situations. That's where I said that.

At the beginning of the NBA 2K20 release cycle, fans were told they would not be able to use off-site players in MyTeam mode. In essence, unless the position on the virtual card is set, the player cannot enter this place in the starting team, nor can it be a sub-off position.

Over the release cycle, we saw several cards with premium positioning. There was a whole group called Out of Position and another called Glitched that gave fans access to versions of players with less realistic mode options.

Some in the community complained, others applauded and enthusiastically opened the packages to get these players. Those who chose to chase them at the auction house spent MT hills to get the first card. At the time of publication, the OOP Galaxy Opal LeBron James card that can play PG and C has sold for over 2 million tons.

There is clearly a thirst for these ultra-powerful cards, so why not give fans something they clearly enjoy while maintaining some order and structure. Let me explain.

Why Giannis is the right player for this card

Antetokounmpo has proven over the past three years of his career that he is fully capable of playing all five positions on the field - at least to some degree.

He's a regular SF/PF player standing 6'11 inches high with lean and effective post-match muscle, so there's no doubt that he can slide into the middle position for at least a while. He can also handle, break through and make teammates good enough to play any waiting position.

For the NBA 2019-20 season, Antetokounmpo averaged 29.6 points, 13.7 rebounds, 5.8 assists, one theft, and one block per game while shoveling less than 55 percent of his shots and staying under 31 percent of three-point Efforts.

This is a better baseline than most MyPlayers in MyCareer. MyTeam is an imaginative mode that takes no responsibility to be completely realistic. However, if there is a player in the league who must be able to play in all five places, he must be Antetokounmpo.

Let's not get loose

I don't mean 2k should remove the website lock. I like the limitations it imposes, and I don't really care that some players can play multiple positions. However, I don't really see the purpose of Spud Webb and Russell Westbrook cards that could play in the middle, but it wasn't difficult for me.

As was the case, 2K technically didn't break its base slot position because it was still tough not letting players play in unallocated points on their cards, but they had to shift their intentions better to clear an off position and chain glitch to give.

If these plans were mentioned, no costly surprise would have been destroyed. They didn't have to reveal which cards to include, but the information would prepare the MyTeam community - and even built up some anticipation.

How to release Giannis from the center

Giannis should not be placed in packages. This makes it very popular. Instead, it should be the highest award for collectors. This way you maintain scarcity and let the card be a final status level for fans of fans of the situation who are interested in building their groups.