NBA 2K21: Why MyTEAM needs to remove players from position before it May-02-2020

Have you ever wanted to see how Spud Webb will perform in the center? Probably not. After all, it is 5'7.

MyTEAM in NBA 2K games is a way for players to answer a lot of what if. Unfortunately, some of these things have a negative effect on the situation in general.

The biggest example of what distorts MyTAM is bad if it's off-site packages as it was recently released in NBA 2K20. And if fans don't express dissatisfaction, we might see the same thing in NBA 2K21.

Off-center maps are harmful to MyTEAM

NBA 2K20's Out of Position in MyTEAM deviates from reality so players can play from positions they cannot. The group includes cards such as Russell Westbrook at PF / C, Spud Webb at C / PG and Dennis Rodman at SG / SF.

Many players come to MyTEAM to discover how they collect history favorites and how they feel when combined. The "off-posture" group keeps this feeling so far away that it damages the MyTEAM ecosystem.

Immersion is important in MyTEAM to create a realistic environment in which legends of history clash for sovereignty. Drenching can easily be broken if SpotWeb is not undone with Patrick Ewing. It might as well happen with Dennis Rodman 3 squirting on Kobe Bryant.

But in addition to immersion and inconsistency with the identity of MyTEAM, an off-position group also damages current diversity. Without strong local diversity, suddenly any group of 5 myths could conquer and crush the court. This contradicts the basics of basketball because interacting with the five centers can lead to your team being destroyed or broken.

Local identity in NBA 2K21

2K Games came to NBA 2K20 with a pronounced focus on keeping situations unique and preventing players from out-of-center to succeed anyway. But simply locking the site is not enough.

Not only was this a failure in many ways with many powerful and multiplayer players, but 2K Games continued this goal by launching the set Out of Position.

Within functions there is of course a wide range of strategies and forms. Take the power forward, for example.

4-spot has evolved significantly in modern basketball from low physical presence to additional presence in the four addition. The four distributed a brand new to 4-spot, deadly accurate shots from all over the track.

How can situations be sacred if the game develops afterwards?

Attitudes are very important because despite the changes that occur over time, they are the building blocks of a successful team. As exciting as it sounds, Jamming Steve Nash, Spud Webb, Ray Allen, Kobe Bryant and Trae Young on the same team shouldn't win. Just like Shaquille O''eal, Patrick Ewing, David Robinson, Tim Duncan and Dikembe Mutombo. Because, apart from talent, these formations can appear through a skill set that does not depend on after playing or shooting on the edge of the guards.

When we get to the point where we can paint and win lifetime point guards with giants in paint, it's less about basketball and more about big numbers.

Despite being a blackjack, no one plays MyTEAM in large numbers.

Fight again

In order for the Out of Position range to stay away from MyTEAM in NBA 2K21, players will have to fight just as hard with their wallets as they do with their voices. These kits are successful because they are so unique which makes them attractive to buy from ez2kmt.

But the less profitable these game-disrupting packages are, the less likely they will continue to change MyTEAM in NBA 2K21.