​NBA 2K22 shows up on Xbox Game Pass Apr-29-2022

NBA 2K22 is presently accessible for Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S with Xbox Game Pass.

The game highlights a MyTeam mode, and in the flow season, Season 6: Zero Gravity, you can follow each round of the Playoffs and complete Agendas through the New Lifetime Agenda Groups. This will procure you Moment player cards from the triumphant groups as they achieve each gathering.

In the game, you will construct your fantasy group comprising of NBA stars and legends across any time and use them in MyTeam. The mode includes the MyTeam Draft, offering a multiplayer mode where you pick a full arrangement of Player Cards to collect a group alongside Triple Threat Online, which is a patched up take on the 3-on-3 mode.

Whether you are playing in MyTeam, MyCareer, or The W, you can likewise take on difficulties and occasions, procure rewards, modify groups and players and even find new music with the continuous Seasons.

You can likewise extend your MyCareer to new ways in The City for Xbox Series X/S, or play on an all-newCancha Del Mar voyage transport for Xbox One. The most recent journey driven account includes solo endeavors, permitting you to explore different avenues regarding your vocations past the court.

Xbox Series X/S players can likewise go from a "style investor to a rap symbol" with New City Quests.

Also, you can appreciate Season 6 which started off recently. It incorporates the accompanying highlights, per 2K Games:

NBA 2K22 Season 6: Zero Gravity will remove fans from this world and on a heavenly excursion, highlighting rising star Jayson Tatum and his powerful climb toward significance, alongside an unbelievably interesting Dark Matter Dirk Nowitzki card for the individuals who arrive at the top Collector Level in MyTeam. Season 6 carries many energizing new updates to MyCareer, MyTeam, and The W Online that players can appreciate.

With the new season, MyCareer presents new conditions and another Level 40 Bunny Mascot. Different prizes incorporate Season 6 clothing, a BMX, another vivified thing, and that's just the beginning. This Season additionally carries cosmic occasions with TKO for PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X/S and Power Up for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC, where players can acquire prizes and the sky is the limit from there.

MyTeam offers Playoff Agendas, including each of the 20 groups, minutes in light of enormous season finisher exhibitions, a LVL 40 Dark Matter Josh Giddey, and the sky is the limit from there. Fans can likewise play to put their MyTEAM programs over the top and gather 4,000 cards to recover a Dark Matter Dirk Nowitzki Player Card and get a Hall of Fame identification by securing every one of the 80 identifications in the game.

The W returns for the WNBA's notable 25th season with every single new prize, including new 2K Breakthrough Gear, an Extra Badge Point, NBA 2K22 MT, VC, a Seasonal Clothing Bundle, and a Custom Green Release. Furthermore, Season 6 offers players the chance to add WNBA legends Katie Smith and Cheryl Ford to their contact records in the wake of arriving at the Hall of Fame level.