NBA Bubble Barbershop looks exactly like it does in NBA 2K Jul-29-2020

To resume the NBA season after being forced to suspend him by the COVID-19 pandemic, the NBA decided to host the remaining games in the bubble community at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. With players and team staff in the bubble over a long period of three months, the league seems to have taken into account the fact that everyone should look good with good haircuts.

Ex-player and current player development instructor in Brooklyn Nets, Thiago Splitter posted a photo on Twitter showing that the NBA's barber shop was built in the bubble. It wasn't long before fans made the inevitable comparisons to NBA 2K.

Numerous comments on the publication of the Bleacher Report made clear how the bubble since the NBA 2K18 began to resemble the NBA 2K series neighborhood and whether players needed a VC to get a haircut taking into account the issues around the exact coefficients in basketball simulation series.

However, the barber shop isn't the only crossover between real life and the game, with plans to use NBA 2K20's crowd sounds during competitions. The COVID-19 pandemic hindered not only the League, but also the NBA 2k20 game from closing a certain situation.

The Disney Bubble will be an interesting experience in the coming months to see if the NBA can successfully complete the season in light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. While there were serious concerns about a possible infection, there were also several slight comments about the location of the bubble. Over the next three months, players will be able to experience a realistic neighborhood version of NBA 2K and possibly make comparisons to potential improvements in the upcoming NBA 2k21.