The NBA continues to bring virtual entertainment to fans Apr-09-2020

After the suspension of the NBA season, a player-only "NBA 2K" tournament was announced. NBA 2K is one of the most popular video games played today and is available for Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

"2K" leads Kevin Durant (Brooklyn Nets), Donovan Mitchell of Utah Jazz, Andre Drummond of Cleveland Cavaliers and de Marcus Cousins. Other notable players include Trae Young of the Atlanta Hawks, Devin Booker of the Phoenix Suns and Harrison Barnes of the Sacramento Kings.

The official Arch relies on the "NBA 2K" rating and possession. All 16 participants can be found here. This is a way for players and fans to get an NBA fix, as post-season matches start this time. The game is played in the Xbox One series so that it is eliminated in the semi-finals, which is the top three.

The winner of the tournament will be named champion of the NBA 2K20 final and will receive $ 100,000, which can be donated to a charity involved in coronavir relief efforts.

The league is looking for ways to keep NBA fans enjoying the suspension of the season. Follow the NASCAR episode, whose drivers competed in the online races broadcast in FS1.

Matt Holt, Director of International Partners at the National Basketball Federation, made the statement after announcing the tournament.

Holt said, “We are excited to announce the first‘ NBA 2K Players Championship ’in partnership with NBPA and 2K and to continue our ongoing efforts to keep in touch with NBA fans around the world by giving back on this need. 

Second Vice President Jason Argent also expressed his enthusiasm. “We are pleased to work with the NBA and NBPA to bring basketball back to fans around the world and to help those in need in these volatile times,” said Argent. More NBA 2K news all  in ez2kmt!