Why I Love NBA 2K22 Sports Games Sep-16-2021

Video games are not as good as when I was a kid. graphically? Definitely much better. report? They have come at full speed. Objectively? Again, yes. to play wisely? Yes, controls tend to be more in-depth these days, and developers can make better use of technology to provide more variety. creatively? The Triple-A-ranch scene has become a popular trend, but a separate scene will replace it more. Here’s the important thing - I’m no longer a child, I’m an adult, and my life is worse, so games are worse. It’s simple math, and it also applies to TV shows, movies, and music. Fortunately, NBA 2K22 is close by.

NBA 2K22 is not a good game. I said it in my reviews, calling it a “soulless, often soulless” experience. But it is a sports title and a very special sports title. While other genres are more sophisticated and diverse, basically sports simulations have been greatly simplified. It's basketball, right? It hasn’t really changed in decades, and if you release the game every year, you can’t expect much change. In fact, changes outside the field make NBA 2K feel so exciting, but on the field, on the field, in diamonds, or on the fairway, sports remind me of being a kid like no other.

The NBA is especially special because it has classic teams. I hope other games embrace this idea, but it makes NBA 2K special to stand alone here. In hindsight ... I don’t know how many years my first NBA 2K game was always the same - 95 Bulls vs. ’03 Lakers. Two of Jackson's three sides face to face. I am always a bull and I always win.

Space Jam was the first thing that got me into basketball. I was an athletic kid, and to this day, if there was a sport on TV, I enjoyed watching it even though I didn’t follow the team or even know the rules. But Space Jam was the perfect time to play basketball. This led me to The Bulls with Steve Kerr’s determined determination, Scottie Pippen’s competence, Dennis Rodman’s charismatic style and, of course, Michael Jordan’s undefined splendor. The '95 Bulls vs.03 Lakers capture the joy of routine and are the purest thing that makes a sport worth my time after all these years.

“Sports are the same every year,” for sure. This makes them awesome. NBA 2K22 is a mediocre entry in the series, hampered by its ambition to be more than just a basketball match and not to focus on what makes it special. The first basketball I’ve ever played was NBA Live 96, and like every mid-90s sports game, it had player models that were boring and stick-inspired, and had identical faces and body shapes. Hair is "bald" or "not bald." This applied to everyone except Dennis Rodman. Mado had multicolored hair in real life and was given a good performance in the game. It wasn’t as sophisticated in NBA Live 96 as it was on the field - the NBA 2K22 version is a sight - but it didn’t matter. He separated him and with him the bulls as special. something different.

Sure, they won the treble again, but their respect for team size and Rodman’s uniqueness in NBA Live 96 forever strengthened their team. I don’t have Bulls, especially 95 Bulls, and as long as NBA 2K allows me to play like them, I can always keep them on my team.

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